Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Quick Introduction

Hello Blogosphere,
   My name is Abby and this is my blog and I would like to welcome you to it.
I am a soldier's wife, and current mother to one adorable little 'Army Brat'. We are a modern military family.

 Half of my heart is currently residing in Kuwait.  Half if that same heart resides in Minnesota, in my chest.

We didn't choose this particular situation, but we knew it was a possibility.  We knew and we went ahead with our lives anyway.

We fell in love, got married, struggled our way through the first deployment and managed to make it back to  love.  We bought a house, adopted a dog and made a baby.  We are now learning to deal with a second deployment.

This is and will continue to be the story of myself, who is all the aforementioned things as well as an ever evolving  independent woman in her own right, and our daughter Sweet Baby Vrai.  And of course a vast and varied cast of supporting characters. Each day has challenges and each day has triumphs.  Almost every day Sweet Baby Vrai sleeps at least a little bit so I can try to manage that fires of everyday life.

Good night Blogosphere.  Sweet Baby Vrai is sleeping, and so should I be.  The fires are small enough to wait until the morning light.



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